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Regular saving and Investments

You worked hard for your money - make your money work hard for you

Investing gives your money the potential to grow and could help you achieve the lifestyle you are hoping for in the future. We have detailed below our featured investment. If you wish to obtain details on this or any other savings or investments please contact Paddy Mahony on 01 498 0007

Featured Investment

As some clients will be aware we have been quite keen on Irish Property Funds for the last six months. There are signs that the Irish Property market may be beginning to turn. The recent arrival of international heavyweights such as Blackstone (purchase of the Burlington Hotel for circa €67m) and Kennedy Wilson (purchase of Gasworks for circa €40m) as well as others are a very encouraging signs.

In 2012 over €600m of transactions were completed in the Irish market (source Aviva Investors).

Property as an investment has performed poorly in recent times but it is worth remembering that over the last 29 years property funds have returned approximately 8.8% per annum even including the massive downturn experienced in recent years (source Aviva Investors).

With the significant reduction in deposit rates in recent months we believe the Irish Property market is a good alternative for medium terms investment returns. Please click here for a detailed report

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