Estate Planning

We are delighted to publish our Client Connect Q1 2017. This follows on from one of the topics in our Q4 2016 publication regarding Dwelling House Exemption. This was severely restricted at committee stage of the Finance Act 2016 and one of the parts below (see Section B) deals with a solution to this. There is also information regarding general estate planning ideas etc.

This document is only a general guide. It is important that advice is taken in relation to any tax/ estate planning actions. We would strongly suggest you contact your existing Accountant or someone like Donal Bradley to advise where required.

The attached was prepared by Donal Bradley who is a Director of Tax with Baker Tilly Hughes Blake. His details are below.

Just to clarify PFP Financial have no commercial relationship with Donal Bradley and/ or Baker Tilly Hughes Blake.

We hope to have our Q2 edition out in April 2017. This will cover Health Insurance (again with Dermot Goode). We are bringing this forward due to recent changes in this market.

For ease of review we have split this document into three distinct sections...

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