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We are delighted to publish our Q4 2016 Client Connect Newsletter. At PFP Financial we are continuously looking for ways to add value for clients. In this edition of our Client Connect series we are focusing on certain legal matters we believe are important and relevant to long term successful Financial Planning. This follows on from our successful Q3 newsletter on Health Insurance. We have engaged Gavan Mackay of Mackay Solicitors to provide some information on four topics:

  • Wills
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Property purchase and conveyance
  • Estate Planning - Dwelling House Exemption

We have included pricing from Gavan Mackay on these matters but the same professional service could be provided from your own solicitor. As per normal practice we have no commercial arrangement with Mackay Solicitors or any other solicitors.

If there is any topic you wished to see covered in the Client Connect series we would be delighted to hear from you....

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