HSE Medical Consultants : Changing Contract

The following is a list of the contract types for HSE medical consultants:

  • Type A. This is for medical consultants who work exclusively in the public system.
  • Type B. This allows medical consultants to undertake private work in the same hospital as their public commitments.
  • Type B*/C. The C contract is the newer version of the old B* contract and there are no geographic limitations on medical consultants undertaking private work in Ireland. 
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Protect your human capital

Asked to name their biggest asset, many people would instinctively reply that this is your home, or perhaps your business. In fact, your biggest asset is your ability to earn income month after month, year after year. We refer to this as “Human Capital”. Consider a 45-year-old earning €100,000 with a retirement age of 65, this would equate to €2 million in Human Capital, before any salary increases.

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