Protect your human capital

Asked to name their biggest asset, many people would instinctively reply that this is your home, or perhaps your business. In fact, your biggest asset is your ability to earn income month after month, year after year. We refer to this as “Human Capital”. Consider a 45-year-old earning €100,000 with a retirement age of 65, this would equate to €2 million in Human Capital, before any salary increases.

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Medical Consultants: Optimising professional added years (for Consultants recruited pre-2013)

This week’s article relates to professional added years which are granted at retirement for medical consultants who were appointed pre-2013. Depending on the projected length of employment service at retirement, a consultant may not fully benefit from these. These are a very valuable benefit and it is worth ensuring that they are optimised. There are a number of considerations to be taken into account.

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Are stock markets ever normal?

Everyone would agree that 2020 has been extraordinary. Few of us would have imagined living through something like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Economies have been disrupted, political stakes have been raised, and markets have been in turmoil. It feels like there is nothing “normal” about what has taken place since the world realised that the spread of the virus would not be restricted to Asia.

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Medical Consultants: Foreign pensions while working abroad

As financial advisers, we have built up a very detailed knowledge of the specific challenges that relate to medical consultants in Ireland. I will be posting a short article each week that highlights key areas of pension and financial planning that can be of benefit to Medical Consultants. The first article relates to foreign pensions that were earned/contributed to while working abroad.

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