Your pension is one of the most important ways of planning for your financial future

With PFP Financial Services you get to make the most of the opportunities to grow your money and take advantage of generous tax reliefs.

Why choose PFP Financial Services for pensions:

  • Up to 100% investment of funds (no entry fees)
  • Low management charges
  • Range of options across all providers

Our Pensions Planning Process

  • Listen carefully to your needs
  • Create a detailed financial plan
  • Ensure that the plan works for you
  • Implement the plan with our strategic partners

Start Early and Save Monthly

The earlier you start the pension the easier it will be to build up a fund to match your income needs in retirement. In general the most effective way to save money over a medium term is via regular monthly contributions into an investment fund.

Explain the tax relief?

Pensions have one very important advantage - they're incentivised by the taxman. In fact, the taxman is very generous when it comes to pensions, adding to your pension every time you pay money in.


Approved Retirement Funds

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